Digitally competent teachers- ready for international inter-institutional online collaboration

On 9-12 May, the Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona, hosted the DigiProf project’s international training for teachers. The training was focused on inter-institutional transnational cooperation between teachers and students in online or blended learning courses. Participating teachers from Vytautas Magnus University, Silesian University in Katowice, University of Aveiro, Open University of Catalonia and DHBW University in Heilbronn, deepened their knowledge of how to plan and develop virtual mobility courses, integrating elements of faculty-student collaboration. Researchers from Institute for Study Innovations at the VMU Academy of Education shared their experience and best practices on how to create a course in Moodle 4 online learning environment that is suitable for inter-institutional collaboration. Participants also learned about the processes of student registration and virtual admission, recognition of learning outcomes, as well as the possibilities and requirements for the issuance of micro-credentials. 

As well as broadening their knowledge, the participants also started collaborating across the formal courses of the universities, creating collaborative activities for students, and thus integrating innovations in higher education. The teachers sought solutions for updating the learning content to include data-driven monitoring and inclusion of learners, differentiated assessment strategies, and clear learning outcomes for the award of micro-credentials while working in international teams. 

The content of the training was based on the training materials, which had been developed in

 project. They focused on: 

The training was organised in the framework of the project Transparent Assessment of Online Learning by Digitally Competent Teachers – DIGI-PROF.