Online studies

What are online studies?

This is a study method, when you can easily access the curriculum not going to university, but through information communication technologies. During online studies you can communicate with teacher and peers in synchronous and asynchronous way.
Online studies are set of study modules, which are adapted and accredited for  online studies. Learner can access the study material, communicate and collaborate with peers, do assignments, pass exams (permission of study department is needed), ask questions, provide feedback and get the support online.

What are online study programs and modules at Vytautas Magnus University?

There are several study programs, which are adapted to online studies at Vytautas Magnus University. Currently, the University offers the following online study programs: (in LT).

There is a possibility to study separate study modules according the study program (the list of the study modules you can find at VMU website “Study modules of groups A, B and C” (in LT), full list of online study modules you can find here).
Blended learning methods are often used at University. Blended learning combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with online learning activities. There is a possibility to accredit study module as blended learning module, when 50% or more contact time is realized online or 50% or more curriculum is available in virtual learning environment.
The curriculum of all online study modules is available in VMU Moodle virtual learning environment

Online studies are organized according the “Regulation for Organization of Online Studies at Vytautas Magnus University (in LT)

How you can communicate and collaborate during online studies?

The curriculum of study modules, which are adapted to online studies, is available for students at VMU virtual learning environment. Teacher together with students decide, which tools and methods will be used for interaction. The following methods could be used for communication:

  • written form (it is recommended to use Moodle – VMU online study environment – tools, such as discussion forums, chats and etc.),
  • video and audio conferencing tools (it is recommended to use MS Teams and other tools recommended by Innovative Studies Institute).

It is recommended to use virtual learning environment of study module ( for discussing the tools, uploading links, user manuals and student support.

What are the advantages of online studies?

Online studies contribute not only to internationalization and modernization, but also to quality of the studies.  Curriculum of study module in virtual learning environment enables to plan studies, to prepare topics, to access the content, to ask questions after the lecture or at the end of topic, to suggest a different point of view, to construct personal meaning, to create and use open educational resources. VMU students are encouraged to be active in their study process, creating and using open educational recourses.
Online studies contribute to internationalization of studies by virtual mobility. VMU is the first University in Lithuania, which started to use virtual mobility of teachers and students.

How to access online studies curriculum?

You will need:

  • Internet connection (2Mbps or better);
  • Computer, laptop or mobile device (tablet PC or smartphone);
  • FirstClass user name and password;
  • For synchronous video and audio communication with teacher and peers you will need a microphone and mini internet camera, which can be integrated to your computer (laptop or tablet) or connected as external devices.

Do you need any help using VMU virtual learning environment?  Please, write a message and staff of Institute of Innovative Studies will help you.

Do you want to study any module, which is not adapted to online studies?  Please, write a message and let us know about it.

Do you have any online studies experience? Please, write a message to us – share your experience and suggest how to improve the quality of online studies.