About us

Institute of Innovative Studies is an university unit working with different faculties on curriculum re-development for distance and virtual studies.

The goal of the Institute is to develop distance studies at Vytautas Magnus University in agreement with strategic goals of the system of Education in Lithuania, and in the context of Lithuanian distance and e-learning network.

The Institute has the following objectives:

  • to assist University teachers to design, implement and organize distance studies;
  • to promote online studies and e-learning;
  • to develop teacher competences to be able to design, implement and organize distance studies;
  • to train teachers to design distance studies and to ensure their quality, to meet quality requirements and to get them assessed and accredited at institutional and national levels;
  • to promote social and professional networking among academics and education specialists;
  • to perform research in distance studies, and to ensure its applicability on practical level.

Not numerous, but experienced staff of the Institute prove their competences in distance study design methodology, quality assurance, virtual mobility and implementation activities.

The Institute is a member of:
Lithuanian distance and e-learning network (LieDM) association
European Distance and eLearning Network (EDEN)
International Council for Distance Education (ICDE)