Invitation to participate in Open Public Consultation

The ECCOE project aims to establish cross-institution recognition of credits and learning outcomes through a trust-worthy system of digital credentialization of learning opportunities.

In order to reach inter-institutional collaboration and trust, all stakeholders need to discuss how learning offers should be described and presented in digital space in an open manner, and how learning outcomes and results should be credentialed so that all stakeholders of learning recognition are confident about the achievements of learners, and that the system itself facilitates and endorses open and flexible learning opportunities in a qualitative way.

The ECCOE project has established a set of Quality criteria for credential description as well as a Model of Digital Credential template providing the most important data about the learning opportunity to be recognized by a given credential. Now the ECCOE consortium is organizing an Open public consultation to receive feedback and open comments from all stakeholders involved in open, online and flexible Higher Education, to assess the appropriateness of the new digital credential for a valid and successful credentialization process and the recognition of learning results.

We kindly invite you to consider how new digital credentials should look like in European Higher Education Arena and how much information on learning process and assessment digital credential should provide to stakeholders in order to ensure trust – based learning recognition by all parties involved.

Please, visit the ECCOE project website to participate in the Open public consultation of the Model of Digital Credential template.

The Open public consultation is open until February 1 ,2021. Your feedback and opinion are most appreciated.

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