VMU teacher trainings “How to apply ‘flipped class’ methodology for online teaching”

A team of VMU teachers took part in a 5-day international training “Activating students in online classes” which was organized as a part of the project “Active Class: Activating Students in Online Classes”. The training was organised by a project partner at Sofia University. This was the second project training for teachers from Sofia University, University of Silezia in Katowice and Vytautas Magnus University, who aimed to deepen their knowledge on the application of the flipped classroom methodology in online classes. 

During the trainings, the lecturers got acquainted with the principles of the flipped classroom in the teaching/learning process, looked for solutions how to integrate this method into their teaching and discussed the use of active methods for active online learning. Also, during the group work, the lecturers discussed different assessment strategies and the suitability of the chosen strategy for assessing the pre-planned activities and assignments.  

At the end of the training, the training participants presented the updated course study guides, in which teachers described in detail which part of the course will be “flipped”, what activities will be organised before, during and after the class, as well as how/if these activities will be assessed. 

Training participants agreed that consistency between the learning outcomes, the learning activities and the appropriately chosen assessment strategy are crucial for a smooth flipped teaching and learning process. 

The teacher training material is available here and on the project website. 

The teacher training course was organised as part of the Erasmus+ project “Activating Students in Online Classes”, no. 2020-1-PL01-KA226-HE-096358. 

More information about the project and other project outputs can be found on the project website. 

Active Class