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REVIVE project seeks to contribute to European cooperation in QA focusing on defining QA factors in VET services. More specifically, the project aims at methodology application to ensure quality of VET curriculum at institutional level.
The main goal of REVIVE project is to ensure the quality of VET services by reviewing and reviving existing VET Curriculum on the basis of innovative didactical and technological methodology.
Project title Reviewing and Reviving Existing VET Curriculum – project website
Project No. LLP-LdV-TOI-2008-LT-0022
EU funding 248.108 EUR
Contractor Vytautas Magnus University Distance Study Centre (since 2012 Innovative Studies Institute)
Contact person Airina Volungeviciene (
Duration September, 2008 – November, 2010


Specific objectives of the project are:
  • to select VET Curriculum which does not meet quality criteria and is not functioning properly. Initial planning and analysis of curriculum will be based on quality criteria indicated by EQAF. This will ensure that European objectives for the improvement of the VET-systems are reflected in the goals and objectives which are to set up in the planning phase of a quality system within the project: at institutional, regional and national levels.
  • To present pedagogical and technological recommendations for curriculum pedagogical and technological improvement and revival to re-develop Curriculum for distance learning. Identification of two innovative solutions for adaptation and implementation in project countries and sectors (adult education and VET, including adult education, SME and private sector, as well as social innovation centre targets) fully agrees with CQAF action steps. Selected methodologies will not prescribe one principle, but will allow project actors to develop their own solutions, to improve and evaluate their own practices, on the basis of common principles and criteria.
  • To update, improve and revive curriculum and to test its applicability. As a result of curriculum evaluation, to present recommendations for further improvement and QA.
  • To present successful cases and highlight methodological input by spreading curriculum cases Europe wide, emphasizing quality influencing factors and quality criteria listed in an online success story publication. Methodological recommendations transferred into the project will be enriched by specific experience of curriculum authors and designers, as well as by end-users’ feedback collected during the project. Therefore, QA procedure will be enriched by REVIVE project experience and will contribute to national and international quality discussions and actions.