OER-Codex courses “Digital Resources” and “Case Study Design” were presented at an international dissemination event







An international virtual multiplier event, “Open Educational Resources (OER) for Collaborative Online & Distance Education and eXchange”, was organized as part of EDEN EODLW2023 on 9 November 2023.

The session was organized in the framework of the Erasmus+ „OER-Codex“ project to introduce a conceptual framework of Collaborative Online International Learning. The event aimed to present the conceptual background of COIL, provide recommendations on organising and managing COIL projects, explain why teachers should apply COIL projects in their teaching and learning, and show how to set up online collaborative learning courses with digital resources. Event participants were introduced to the training materials of the “Digital Resources” and “Case Study Design” courses developed within the OER-Codex project framework.

Next, the virtual learning environment, types of certificates, and micro-credentials were presented to inform participants of the possibility of developing their competencies in designing OER-supported collaborative online learning.

The multiplier event was organized by Vytautas Magnus University team, which, together with partners from TU Dresden (Germany), KREMS (Austria), and EMUNI (Slovenia) are implementing the “OER-Codex” project.

Recording of the session is available here. Learn more about the project – https://www.oer-codex.eu/