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Fast changing labour market requires the alignment of employment-related skills and competencies to be successful during job search. During the last years mentoring provided by mentors (employers/employees) got more and more common and has proved itself worldwide as an effective learning process.

Project title e-MENTORING: New skills and competencies for new jobs (e-MENTOR)
Project website http://www.e-mentoring.eu
Project No. 511579-LLP-1-2010-1-LT-KA3-KA3MP
Project coordinator Social Innovation Fund (LT)
Contact person Liudmila Mecajeva, L.Mecajeva@lpf.lt
Contact person at VDU Prof. Margarita Teresevičienė, margarita.tereseviciene@vdu.lt
Project run 01/01/2011 – 30/06/2013

Project partners:

  • Vytautas Magnus University (LT)
  • Merseyside Expanding Horizons Ltd. (UK)
  • ANNANET: Pertti Vihonen Oy (FI)
  • Volkshochschule Göttingen e.V. (DE)
  • Speha Fresia Societa Cooperativa (IT)
  • European Partnership (LT)
  • Burgas Free University (BG)
  • VentureQuest Ltd. LLC (USA)

Project goals

Collecting good practice experiences and transferring best solutions into a common e-mentoring model the transnational EU-project e-Mentoring aims to increase the capacities of students in High Education, trainees in Vocational Education and Training institutions and adults re-/entering the labour market. To enhance the e-mentoring process Open Educational Resources for self-directed learning are integrated and will provide best conditions to the target group.

As there are so many different ways and experiences in the mentoring field collected from the different project partner countries, it also seems useful to make accessible the knowledge to the three main actors (managers, mentors, mentees). So self-training e-learning courses for these actors within the project are developed and openly published with Web 2.0 tools to cover common learning needs on e-Mentoring management. The aim is to create an e-learning platform for e-Mentoring with e-Guidebook.

With partners from Lithuania, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, Bulgaria, United States and Germany e-Mentoring project started in January 2011 with duration of three years.

Project results
: Newsletter1, Leaflet