Digitization strategy of the University’s academic activities in Vytautas Magnus University

In September of 2020, after the first six months of the pandemic, (since all the academic activities had to take place in a digital environment) a group of experts on the digitization strategy of the University’s academic activities was formed by order of the Rector of Vytautas Magnus University. Through self-analysis, the aim of this group is to assess the challenges and good practices in academic units when digitalizing study content, as well as teaching and learning activities, using learning data analysis tools to monitor and to improve learning progress, to evaluate digital tools and institutional support for teachers, to offer recommendations on how to improve the digitalization process of academic activities, and to point out strategic directions for the digitalization of these activities to take.

The subgroups of the self-assessment group have selected the topic coordinators in accordance with the topics for self-analysis: prof. habil. dr. Rūta Petrauskaitė, associate prof. dr. Laima Anglickienė, prof. dr. Margarita Teresevičienė, Konstantinas Kurževas, and Aistė Žemaitytė. The leader of the self-assessment group is the director of the VMU Innovative Studies Institute of VMU Education Academy prof. dr. Airina Volungevičienė.

The thematic self-assessment groups have performed SWOT analysis, as well as systematically reviewing the results according to the framework of a digitally competent organization (DigCompOrg) and prepared proposals for the University’s strategic goals. In the meantime, the representatives of the study units took the initiative in the digitalization process of study subjects for formal and non-formal studies, as well as for international cooperation in the field of virtual mobility, micro-credentials, and other innovations based on the technology.

The work of the self-assessment group is ongoing.  The interim results will be presented at an international EUA seminar (briefly announced by the members of the self-assessment group in this video here) and also in the EUA discussions of Thematic Peer Groups.