Digi-Prof Transnational Project Partner Meeting

The Digi-Prof Transnational Project Partner Meeting took place at the Baden-Württemberg State University in Heilbronn, Germany, from 11 to 12 October, 2023.

During the meeting, guidelines for higher education institutions on how to implement transparent assessment of learning achievements in online or blended learning for micro-credentialing were presented and discussed. Progress in the development of 10 subjects for virtual and blended distance collaboration between institutions was also discussed.

As a reminder, the teaching materials developed in the Digi-Prof project are available to higher education teachers in six languages (Lithuanian, English, German, Catalan, Portuguese and Polish):

  1. Designing transparent assessment strategies for online learning in HE
  2. Monitoring, supporting, and engaging students based on the evidence generated by digital technologies
  3. Ensuring digital and micro-credentialization of learning as a part of transparent assessment for recognition of learning outcomes

Training materials are openly available and can be accessed on the project website.