VMU with DIGI-HE project partners, prepared a report

Prof. Dr. Airina Volungečienė and PhD. student Rasa Greenspon, together with DIGI-HE project partners, prepared a report, which was developed within the Erasmus+ co-funded DIGI-HE project, led by EUA (European University Associations) in cooperation with four universities.

The report provides an overview of 20 tools, used worldwide, to assess the processes of technology-enhanced teaching and learning, online learning, and digitization in higher educational institutions. The publication makes observations on the use of these tools by educational institutions for quality improvement and the development of digital skills. The report is addressed to higher education institutions, as well as policy makers, developers of similar tools and, more generally, all those seeking information on such measures.

The report can be accessed at: Developing a high performance digital education ecosystem