Research projects

Current projects:

Open Online Learning for Digital and Networked Society (Nr. 3.3-LMT-K-712-01-0189)

The project objective is to enable university teachers to design open and online learning through open and online learning curriculum and environment applying learning analytics as a metacognitive tool and creating open and online learning assessment and recognition practices, responding to the needs of digital and networked society.

The project will be implemented through main activities:

  • To identify the needs of digital and networked society for open and online learning through transformation of open and online learning curriculum and environment.
  • To explain through scientific research the method of learning analytics as a metacognitive tool.
  • To identify through scientific research the requirements for the process of open and online learning assessment and recognition, relating them to the national and European qualification framework (EQF).

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Completed international projects:

TeSLA – Adaptive Trust – based e-assessment system for learning/ Adaptyvi ir patikima skaitmeninė mokymosi vertinimo sistema

Vytautas Magnus University Institute of Innovative Studies signed collaboration agreement with Open University of Catalunia (UOC) for Horizon 2020 project TeSLA. Project consortium developed system for students authentication and examination process for online studies. Institute of Innovative Studies tested and integrated TeSLA tools in VMU virtual learning environment: face recognition, voice recognition, keystroke patterns, anti-plagiarism system. These tools allows teachers to examine students who are not able come to university and participate in auditorium exam. With TeSLA tools it is possible to identify and authenticate student, make a video record of exam and review it. These tools opens new possibilities for students and teachers, it helps to organize online studies. Further research of such tools and innovations must be done.

TeSLA project website



Institute of Innovative Studies initiated agreement which was signed by VMU and Horizon 2020 project SlideWiki consortium. VMU university teachers have tested SlideWiki platform and developed online slides as Open Educational Resources.

This platform is used to collaborate with other authors, teachers, professionals by developing Open Education Resources and providing free access to developed content with proper attribution of copy rights and references.

By signing agreement totally 16 VMU teachers from 6 different departments developed Open Educational Resources (totally 1590 slides), updated their teaching materials in Moodle courses, developed assignments for students to familiarize them with Open Educational Resources. More than 500 students has been involved.

Slidewiki platform opened opportunities to VMU teachers not just develop Open Educational Resources and open their material, but also allowed to apply new knowledge, to test how it works in real world. This project helped teachers to realize what does it mean to open your teaching materials, what you should think of when you start developing Open Educational Resources, also teachers were able to follow some statistics of their developed OERs, what topics are more interesting, how many students/other people viewed his/her slides, how many copies were made.

SlideWiki project website