Recommendations for teachers before the start of the new semester

Dear Teachers,

With 2022 fall semester approaching quickly, we kindly remind you and recommend updating the following information in your Moodle courses:

  1. Change the date of the First lecture and specify the date of the Last lecture (if you do not know it, indicate the last day of the semester – December 31). Administration -> Course administration -> Edit settings -> change Course start date and Course end date.
  2. Update the dates of existing activities. It is possible to check and see the set dates of all activities at once -> Administration -> Course administration -> Reports -> Dates.
  3. Pay attention to whether the educational material is available (visible) to students (you can check this by activating the student role by clicking on your name in the upper right corner in Moodle and then Switch role to -> Student).
  4. Delete messages from previous semesters that were sent to the learners via discussion forum.
  5. Update the study description (the student guide).
  6. Delete student test attempts from the previous semester (it is required if you want to add/delete questions in the test activity).
  7. View whether uploaded video materials (videos, links, etc.) are available to students.
  8. Pay attention whether the authorship in your uploaded slides is indicated.