MicroHE Expert Panel Workshop

Webinar will take place on Wednesday, 10 June. Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScueljDHW6hiVKlgqxPc4RRbqaWzsOzaSdcO1ygtf3e5tp6WQ/viewform

New trends emerged in higher education: part of the courses are now provided in digital or blended form, rapidly changing labor market also calls for shorter and industry-specific courses, the degree courses are more and more modularized. These trends should be reflected also in the form of recognition and credentialisation: there is a need to award short learning courses and other learning achievements with some form of credentials.

The webinar will discuss the state-of-art of micro-credentials, based on the results produced by the MicroHE project. The project assessed the adequacy of European recognition instruments for micro-credentials, in particular ECTS, the diploma supplement and qualification frameworks.

More information about webinar: http://www.eden-online.org/microhe-expert-panel-workshop/