Designing digital environment for modern studies

kuriame lietuvos ateitį

The project aims to develop large scope university model, responding to optimization challenges that universities are faced with.

Project title: Large scope university development in the context of university restructurization
Project No:
Project coordinator: Vytautas Magnus University (VMU)
Contact person at VMU: Lina Kaminskiene,
Digitalization action: Airina Volungeviciene
Project run: 24 months (September 2019 – August 2021)
Project budget:
3.800.000,00 EUR

Activity No. 2. Designing digital environment for modern studies

  1. Modernization of virtual learning environment.
  2. Establishment of virtual didactical laboratory with the tools for digitally competent teacher.
  3. Development of the continuous professional development programs “Digitally competent teacher in higher education” and “Digitally competent school teacher”.