Vocational Online Collaboration for Active Learning

6 courses were (re)developed during VOCAL project. Courses provide theoretical references followed by activities designed for international, intercultural learner collaboration to produce group work and to present it openly as open educational practice.

  • Digital Pedagogy
  • Students’ readiness
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Digital Assessment
  • Contemporary Education
  • Audio-visual materials in the learning process

Recognition of Valid and Open Learning

4 non-formal open learning courses created during ReOPEN project. This is approximately of 20 learning hours.

  • Introduction to Wireless Networks Design
  • Language and Society
  • Animation Creation as a Learning Tool
  • Digital Skills

Open Educational Resources (virtual mobility mode)

This 3 ECTS virtual mobility study course was implemented in Lifelong learning program Erasmus project „VMCOLAB„.

Integrated Solution to Virtual Mobility Barriers

Courses developed during Ubicamp project. These open courses are dedicated for virtual mobility integration in organization. In these courses you will find solutions, recommendations for virtual mobility integration in institution.

Open Proffessional Collaboration for Innovation

These courses are the result of OpenPROF project. They were created integrating open educational resources and adapting the courses for work based learning using online innovative curriculum desig methodology.

  1. Time management and online communities (EN, ES)
  2. Communication in Intelectual organization (EN, LT)
  3. Digital storytelling for training (EN, PT)
  4. Diversity Management (EN, DE)
  5. The mobility guide on-line – Planning and management with ICT support (EN, HU)
  6. Personalized learning at work place (EN, LT)

Virtual Learning in Higher Education

This course was developed during TeaCamp project. It allows students to test virtual mobility sessions by participating in video conferences, preparing group work presentations, individuals tasks, use and share virtual resources with other students. This course has 6 modules:

  1. Culture models
  2. Collaborative online learning
  3. Information Literacy
  4. Learning Technologies
  5. Learning Strategies
  6. E-Assessment Strategies

Smart Tools for Production Management

This course is MEVEL project results and allow the Metal workers undergo sector changes, taking advantage of their knowledge acquired in previous trainings and jobs. This course is consists of 5 modules:

  1. Professional technical English
  2. Quality and production management: cost reduction
  3. Modular product architecture
    1. Visual planning
  4. ICT, WEB 2.0 & SW For Metal Sector
  5. Practice of provisioning for production scheduling