Course: Open Educational Resoruces, 3 ECTS

Institution: Vytautas Magnus University in cooperation with VMCOLAB project partners University of Granada, University of Jyvaskyla, and University of Pavia

Teacher: Airina Volungevičienė, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania; Margarita Teresevičienė, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania; Estela Daukšienė, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania; Jan Pawlowski, University of Jyväskylä, Finland; Elena Caldirola, University of Pavia, Italy

Assignment for students:

Challenges and perspectives for OER development and re-use. Recommendations for uptake of OER. In order to implement this assignment, group members should organise focus group or interview people in their home institutions (teachers, e-learning staff members, HE students, stakeholders, etc. – up to 5-10 people) to provide answers to these questions to their group members, and then they all have to provide the summary of responses (qualitative data might be provided as evidence) and group results in international settings (Lithuania, Spain, Italy and Portugal). Recommendations as conclusions to the discussion and qualitative survey should come up after the group results are presented.

The results should be presented in a ppt using slideshare upload, and the link to the presentation should be attached to the assignment in Moodle. Qualitative data, if available (as a report). Presentation of the results should be implemented by groups using video conference tool.

Student presentations:

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