How to create the course

Teacher has to send a request to register the course in VMU Moodle virtual learning environment:

  1. Login to VMU Moodle (
  2. Click on “Course request” in the “TEACHERS ONLY” box on the left (direct link:
  3. Fill the form with details of the course you are requesting;
  4. In section “Supporting information to help the administrator evaluate this request”, please provide information about:
    1. faculty, study level and study program of the course you are requesting;
    2. all teachers and assistants of the course (if there are more than one).
  5. Administrator will review and accept your request. Confirmation will be send by e-mail.

A course enrolment key allows students to enrol themselves into a course. Moodle administrator provides a teacher unique enrolment key of the course. Teacher gives this key to the students during introduction lecture (please, do not send this unique enrolment key to all FirstClass conferences).