VMU joined a new project “Active Class: Activating Students in Online Classes”

The VMU team representatives from Institute for Study Innovations and Faculty of  Humanities has joined the partnership lead by University of SILESIA in Katowice (Poland) in a new Erasmus+ project “Active Class: Activating Students in Online Classes”. The project started in March 2021 and lasts for 24 months. The main planned results of the project are

  • to created a methodology for activating students in online learning
  • to collect best practices, shared by the partnering university teachers,
  • to create and share the scenarios that may foster student active participation while learning online.

On 22nd of April project partnership had an online kick=off meeting to start cooperating in the project activities and creation of intellectual outputs. Some of the project activities are interrelated with a broader  T4E university alliance project, thus the participation in the projects will require cooperation between internal departments of university and their cooperation with the other partnering universities.